Monday, February 18, 2013

35 should be the new 15...

Soooooo- I turn 35 tomorrow...which is kinda awesome, I guess:) Mostly because I have accomplished more in my 30s so far than all of my twenties (which I guess isn't saying much for that lost decade, aside from the first 2 years of it when I was still in college rocking the varsity soccer gig)! 

Had my 2 kiddos at 29 and 30 and have somehow found my inner "BEASTY" again.  Its fun b/c as I  look back I have countless road races mostly of the  half marathon variety but a few marathons in there as well, a few tough mudders, a couple random silly races and bunch of triathlons and my somewhat newer vegetarian style.  Mind you,  I am not collecting hardware at these races, but it is a reminder that I am still really just 20 in my head w/ a few more crows feet and stretch marks and that I still will really do anything for a tshirt-- seriously, almost anything:) Not saying much for my fashion sense but whatever-- that actually has not changed 1 bit this decade (still non-existent).

So I am grateful that I am still healthy enough to do all this crazy shit, because each year that ticks by you are reminded by losing someone you love that nothing is guaranteed.  But I will say here that its GUARANTEED that if I am able to still work these meaty thighs and my ticker works well that you can bet the farm I will look for ways to continue challenge my physical self.  Mostly b/c its super fun, the funny stories last for YEARS,  and its my favorite kind of a date with Keith,  but the side benefit is that it helps my mental self as well:)  This has come in extremely  handy with my ever mounting work demands.

And I will do whatever I can so my kids think its cool to be healthy and fit-- basically I will do anything so they don't think that "skinny fat" is ever cool and so they don't feel like they have to look at "hollywood" or ESPN for role models- everyone one knows most of those people are "shells" of human beings anyway.

So this upcoming bday also coincides with some soul searching- which is also intriguing b/c I seem to be the person that usually has it all "figured out." I have some absolutely insane stuff going on at work right now.  Obviously I won't go into detail- but the moral of the story is that I am the most competitive person I know, and well others are not and thats a tough one when I am theoretically "in charge" of leading them.  So that has caused some tension-- well a lot of tension and I am left wondering if this is what I really want do.  So I am trying to embrace the possibility of a big change, but yet at the same time trying to figure it out.  One of the things I like about my "core" (and trust me I am NOT talking about the way my abs look-- good grief!) is that I am not afraid to make mistakes and  I am not afraid to fail- which is quite liberating when you work in an environment where you make a lot of decisions all the time.  I am not afraid to go out on a risk curve to try something unique.  What's interesting now though is that I am left wondering how much risk can I take with my 2 tiny humans counting on me....hmmm...tough one...

The great news is that I am super "scrappy" (just another really stellar adjective I use to describe myself)- so I am sure that I can make something happen before something is forced to "happen" TO me.  But it is a unique time b/c quite frankly I have gotten quite comfortable (from a security standpoint)  with my work and to think of possibly recreating a "brand" doing something entirely different, while exhilarating, is a little daunting as well-- which is probably an adjective that I would have NEVER used in my 20s-- so apparently I have used a few more brain cells this decade too- ha ha! Either way, I am sure it will work out-- things always do--

And speaking of working out....had a not so stellar one today...literally fell on my face doing pushups at around the 5th round... which is always HOT. 

I am planning on enjoying my day tomorrow--not entirely sure what I will do.  Keith is away so that's a bummer-  but I am taking our most amazing dog to take his therapy dog "test" tomorrow. We have been going to classes to become a pet therapy team so that is super exciting!   Well I guess I am also being "tested" so hope I can perform on command without treats:) Hmmm... that will be a toughie.  We will go to children's hospitals to do some "cheering up" and also "work" in a few schools to  help support children that are learning how to read.  So we are excited.  Keith is most excited that he gets to wear a "working dog vest"- its the little things really.

I will somehow find time to squeeze that in a few hours/month.  I swear that more stuff I am involved in, the more I am able to stay on task and compartmentalize.  Either that or I have severe ADHD- either way it works I guess and I keep myself entertained with my extra-curriculars.   I am off from work, but have a few things to tie up, but Mia is off from school too so maybe we can figure out a little something fun to do together.  Birthdays are my absolute favorite day b/c they are unique and entirely your own and its how you entered the earth for crying out loud!  My opinion is they should be celebrated for at least a week.  In fact, have celebrated a little each day this past weekend--  we did do something mature and responsible and bought a new couch this weekend which was preceeded by a few skinny margaritas at a tremendous mexican place.  At least I think that's all we bought..... :)

Make it a great week for yourself and thanks for reading/listening:)
The 35 year old DB